Working with Dave has been so rewarding. Before I was coached by him I was stuck and didn’t seem to be progressing. With some useful insights I have been able to focus on specific goals, and realise where I am strongest. Dave is is so flexible and has been able to work around my busy life, 3 children, a demanding job and despite only being able to average 3 runs a week on average I was able to complete my first ultra thanks to his expertise and support. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dave as a coach. Whatever your running goals, he’s your man.

Taz Babiker

Taz completing his first ultra marathon

I’ve always enjoyed running as a recreational sport and never ever considered competing in a race until I met Dave. He opened up a whole world of trail running, bog moor leaping and routes off the beaten path which encouraged me to want to get into the trail race scene.

His guidance and infectious determination helped me win races and see some of the most beautiful places in Europe. This is largely because he is my coach as well as my partner, he built my training plan around my specific races and helps me to understand the training that suits my strengths and weaknesses (hill reps 😅)

I wouldn’t blame you if you think me biased but if he wasn’t a patient and knowledgeable coach I would have fired him a long time ago

Charly Hicks

Charly training in the Mercantour National Park