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I first really began to consider coaching others when I developed a serious injury which meant that I was unable to run pain free, and a long and still continuing process began to try and fix my body and to diagnose what was happening. I realised that I loved running when it was taken away, but I also learnt that the whole subject of running and everything that goes into making someone better at any level was how I could still be apart of the amazing community I loved and to find satisfaction in helping someone beyond myself.

On a personal level I had always educated myself however I could, but by taking myself out of the equation it became an ongoing research topic, something which I began to apply to every imaginary athlete I could think of. I qualified as a UESCA running coach and Training Peaks accredited, which allowed me to analyse the specifics of what is required to be a successful and responsible coach and to really begin what will be a continually developing area of expertise. I think it is really important to stress that nobody knows everything and has every correct answer about a topic, especially one so nuanced as running coaching, where every athlete is an individual and a one size fits all philosophy wont cut it. But I can promise to do my best to provide the best coaching service I can by working with you the athlete to achieve your goals.

Who is it for?

Simply, run coaching is for anybody who runs and would like to improve. There is no performance benchmark that has to already be obtained in order to be eligible for coaching. Whether you have plateaued and are looking to take the next step or you have made the decision to sign up for your first race and want to avoid the pitfalls that many new runners make, then having a coach and developing a relationship with them is your best chance of success.

How much does it cost?

$65 a month and 50% off your first month with code 50percentoff. What will benefit your running more? individualised coaching, created specifically for you through honest communication with me your coach or a new pair of shoes? I am open to discussing pricing with people who would love to be coached but would find it impossible to pay the full amount, I recognise everyones circumstances are different.

What do you get?

You will get a personalised training programme in Training peaks every week which will be tailored to your specific requirements. You tell me when you can train, how long for and what your goals are, and I then use that information to create a plan that I believe will give you the best chance of success. We will communicate as much or little as you need, because for coaching to be successful it needs to be a partnership and that can only be achieved through honest feedback.

About me

In terms of my personal racing experience I began, like many others, going for  a short flat 2 mile run after work, and was immediately smitten with the running bug. I went home and signed up to the Torbay road half marathon, which I found extremely rewarding, however it was evident that my love of trails, mountains and rugged exploration was where my passion lied. From this point on I dedicated myself to technical terrain and longer endurance races, that came with an incredible community which supplies limitless challenges, experience and support. Personally I found success in various races ranging from 10k to 120km, below are just a few of my achievements to date.

Selected race results

  • Endurance life coastal marathon 1st
  • Something wild 10k 1st
  • Snowdon Skyline 3rd
  • Lavaredo ultra trail 120k 69th (2nd Brit)
  • Tenacious ten hour challenge 1st
  • Race the Light 1st
  • Kernow vertical kilometre 2nd
  • Dartmoor crossing 1st
  • Dartmoor crossing extreme 1st
  • Brecon Beacons ultra marathon 3rd
  • Haytor Heller 4th
  • Deep river half marathon 2nd
  • Salcombe coastal marathon 1st
  • Brecon Beacons fell race 3rd
  • Wild night run 1st
  • Wild night run (altered route) 2nd
  • Burrator horseshoe 4th
  • Burrator noir 1st